Success measurement is one of the most important tasks. This is about the economic view, the decline in complaints and the increase in customer satisfaction.

Any change in processes in a company has different stages. As the pressure increases, decision-makers are conscious that something needs to be done. Whether it's the customer requirements or that the internal costs of the existing solution exceed the costing.

BABENER-CONSULTING knows the market, on all sides:

1. The requirements of customers from the industry

2. The difficulties within the company and

3. The strengths and weaknesses of concepts and solutions on the market.

BABENER-CONSULTING monitors the smooth interaction of all factors and their economic impact, including after the project has started if desired. Monitoring can thus help to constantly check the implemented solution for improvement potential and, if possible, readjust and further optimise it.

As customers expect rationalisation potentials from year to year, this is often imperative and can help to ensure company success.

Thomas Babener – consultant and interim manager for economical and professional packaging management – flexible, experienced, and professional.