Designing a suitable system is only undertaken after an exact analysis of the production and storage conditions, the transport routes, and the wishes and requirements of the customer.

In times of industry 4.0 and Toyota Production System or Lean Management, automotive supply companies as well as other branches of the industry should focus on optimising the packaging as a whole, since 5 to 6 digit annual savings in current costs can be achieved in this area.

BABENER-CONSULTING has developed the concept of "packaging and administration" for this. As an independent consultant, BABENER-CONSULTING offers the following services:

  • Holistic view of the concept of "packaging and administration"
  • Inventory of all packaging (disposable and reusable packaging)
  • Revising administrative processes
  • Proposals for a future target concept for "packaging and administration"


  • Future packaging strategy for serial and spare parts packaging
  • Environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Ergonomic packaging
  • Standardisation of packaging following the Toyota principles


  • Future orientation of the system to work efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Processes and employee outlook
  • Circulation of different packaging with the respective exchange partners
  • Suggestions and/or project support for introducing a suitable tool
  • Training employees in the concept of "packaging and administration"

Investment / operating costs and profitability calculation

  • Buy or rent analysis for reusable load carriers and packaging
  • Preparing a business case for a packaging strategy incl. amortisation
  • Preparing a business case for the administration strategy of several providers

Container, loading, and packaging management ... is the "controlling" for all packaging and reusable load carriers in the company.

Thomas Babener has more than 20 years of experience as a container manager and more than 10 years of experience as a packaging planner in the automotive industry. BABENER-CONSULTING provides independent consulting and project support on the basis of this experience and comprehensive training.