The basis for economical and sustainable packaging management is a clear analysis which is oriented to the requirements of your company and the requirements of your customers.

And for this, experience, market knowledge, as well as knowledge of "the small problems" in the application is very valuable. In the course of his professional career, Thomas Babener has been hands on in the company and knows where the problems are. When you deal with customer requirements for years, including their "very special requests", you know how to avoid mistakes and friction points preventively.
BABENER-CONSULTING helps to avoid mistakes which can result from one-sided consultation, thanks to comprehensive practical and user knowledge:
IT companies market their own packaging management system. These systems have been developed based on customer requirements and have developed into a business sector. Behind these systems is an IT company and programmers who develop the program only at the request of a customer. But they do not necessarily know the operational, real processes in their daily business since they usually studied computer science and not packaging management. It is not uncommon for the developers to have never worked with the software in the field.
Packaging or charge carrier companies have an existing range of packaging. Within this portfolio, the key account manager or project manager serves the customer. The goal of such a provider is to bind the customer and provide the best possible service with the existing portfolio. Even if this is not ideal for the requirement.
System suppliers provide customers with packaging (reusable) on a rental basis and take over comprehensive management of all movements of packaging for the customer. In this case, only "simpler" movements are usually recorded, since the work is mostly carried out by the customer's employees. The pure administration takes place on the provider's server, who does not have their own employees on site with the customer.
Service providers take on complete handling and administration of packaging in daily business. The customer has outsourced these services. The service provider is 100% responsible.
Logistics consulting companies often offer packaging planning and lean management in their portfolio. In container management, however, their expertise is mainly limited to the essentials. Extensive research by BABENER-CONSULTING at Logimat 2017 revealed that there are usually no specialists in logistics consulting companies who can implement a comprehensive concept.
BABENER-CONSULTING ensures optimisation potential, especially in the case of one-sided solutions adapted to the service offered by a provider. The aim is to coordinate and optimise the many different interests and conceptions of your company, your customers, and all suppliers and service providers involved in the material flow in order to develop an economical and smoothly functioning packaging management system.
BABENER-CONSULTING stands for installing the optimal packaging management system and assisting you until it is running optimally.