About me

Thomas Babener

Born 1967 in Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein

Technical Operator (IHK), Master of Warehousing
Over 20 years of professional experience in the automotive industry
Experience as a team leader in Logistics, Assistant Logistics Manager, Head of Factory Logistics
Language skills: German, English

... over 20 years experience in container management
... over 10 years experience as a packaging planner
... over 5 years experience as a project manager in logistics

and in addition

... over 20 years volunteer engagement with the Osnabrück and Kuhardt volunteer fire brigades (Rhineland-Palatinate).
Completed further education as part of this activity: basic course, respiratory protection device course, radio course, troop leader training course.

Additional qualifications

Areas of interest

  • Green Logistics
  • New technologies/materials in packaging
  • Ergonomics in logistics

Project manager/interim manager/coaching in some areas of logistics

  • Container, loader, packaging management -> administration
  • Development or reorganisation of the department
  • Revision of the department
  • Interim management / project management in the selection and implementation of a suitable system
  • Training employees (basic & system)
  • Packaging planning throughout the supply chain
  • Project work JIT / JIS
  • Standardisation of packaging and processes
  • Ergonomics

Professional experience

  • Polytec, Head of Factory Logistics
  • MAGNA, Assistant Logistics Manager
  • MAGNA, Specialist World Class Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
  • MAGNA, logistics planner, focus on packaging
  • Harman International, Container Management clerk
  • Wilhelm Karmann, Team Leader in Container Management

Experience profile

  • Planning and design of factory layouts and material flow
  • Planning sequence deliveries to OEMs
  • Managing complex packaging management processes
  • Constructing continuous packaging systems
  • Ergonomics in packaging planning
  • Standardisation of reusable load carriers following the Toyota principle
  • Operational processes for container management

Focus areas

  • Strategic and operational design of packaging management in the supply chain
  • Complete set-up of packaging management in production plants and logistics centres
  • Establishing lean and standardised logistics processes (Best in Class)

Core competencies

  • Planning and reorganisation of departments at nationally and internationally
  • Operational management of complex projects
  • SAP/R3 - Rollout of container management
  • Leadership and qualifications

Reference projects

  • Greenfield and Brownfield planning in Europe
  • Magna, Polytec, Harman International, Wayand AG, Grupo Antolin, SAS Automotive - SAS Logistics (Business Unit von Faurecia), Ineos Automotive GmbH